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Two years before I found myself where I had been raising lots of loads and concentrating largely on strength and hypertrophy. I used to be virtually 50 pounds heavier-than I'm now and I just didn't just like the method I thought. I discovered myself not wanting to even touch another weight and appeared to also have nagging injuries. Eventually I recently got burned out. And so I began looking at additional professions that were completely weight based. Beginning with stuff, I worked bar routines , circus arts, palm balancing, my way through parkour and even breakdancing.The transformation I observed with every workout in the and my physique was amazing. Importantly that was better and most never SHIFTED, I’ve never felt better! The change built such an impact on my life that I needed to share it with the planet. It is empowering to know that a system that is perfect can be built by you with just your personal seriousness that is body and.

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